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Teknikföretagens Branschgrupper is a flexible platform for the management and development of trade associations.

From opinions to decisions

With Teknikföretagens Branschgrupper, you get access to dedicated and expert staff with extensive experience of managing trade associations. We help you manage your key issues from being opinions to decisions, ensuring your organisation is ready for the future.

Strategy and development

You know what is needed to strengthen your industry. It may involve the availability of skills, regulatory changes or standardisation. But how do we get there? Change requires more than short-term measures – it is considered and sustained effort that delivers results. As a strategic co-operation partner, we provide support on strategic issues and the development of your organisation. We challenge you, offer fresh perspectives, work to enhance co-operation between companies and identify opportunities to get your organisation in the right direction.

Events far from our borders affect Swedish companies. Key aspects of our strategic work, therefore, include monitoring formal and informal channels and compiling up-to-date information of interest to your organisation.

Networking and lobbying

With valuable networks of contacts in authorities, politics and other organisations, we conduct advocacy work and represent your organisation in the relevant fora. We manage your key issues based on your agenda and your resources. For example, we draft referral responses, participate in political meetings, write op-eds and manage relationships with the media.

We represent some 30 organisations which gives us a unique capacity to co-operate and create positive synergies. Teknikföretagen also offers access to a broad network of Sweden’s leading business experts.

Activities and administration

We help you conduct communication activities and to arrange various types of events, for example trade shows, conferences and seminars. With us, you have access to venues in central Stockholm equipped with all necessary facilities.

To ensure that you have time to focus on key issues, we also take care of accounting and administration. Through administrative routines common to many associations, we make your daily management tasks straight forward and cost-effective.

A flexible solution

We work with all sorts of organisations, from those with their own employees to smaller networks and newly established bodies. With a high degree of flexibility built into our services, we ensure that you receive efficient solutions tailored to your specific requirements. When you grow or your needs change, we can quickly review our service offering to ensure that you receive the help that you need.

  • Part-time resource – for organisations that need part-time support. A high level of flexibility allows customers to increase or reduce the help they receive on an annual basis.
  • Full-time resource – for organisations requesting full-time support. A high level of flexibility to increase or reduce support annually.
  • In-house staff – for organisations where support needs are stable over time or that already have their own employees.

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