Full day seminar September 29 ”Sustainable ICT- Minimal use of resources and energy”

Welcome to a full day seminar at Storgatan 5 (Teknikföretagen) in Stockholm. The seminar will take place at 09.00 – 17.00 CET

The event is free of charge and will be held in English.

Please, register as soon as possible or by September 12 at the latest. 

Coffee and cake during coffee breaks and a light meal during lunch will be offered for free.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Åke Ericsson, Chairman ICT Energy, Svensk Elektronik

Peter Björkholm, Acting CEO, Svensk Elektronik

Learn more about ICT Energy (in Swedish)

The seminar is supported by the Swedish INTELEC Association.


  • Technical highlights within the ICT Energy area from source to load
    Fernando Ruiz Gomez, Ericsson
    ECCE Conference is the foremost IEEE Conference in the field of power conversion. In this presentation, a selection of interesting topics taken from different areas from source to load, will be highlighted.
  • A new age powered by interlinked energy infrastructure applications and a way to improve power efficiency over a wide range of CPU loads
    Daniel Angeles Diez, Delta Electronics (Sweden)
    EPE’21 ECCE Europe gathers the Power Electronics community to exchange views on research progress and technological developments in the various topics of Power Electronics and Applications. Highlights from the conference.
  • Power and infrastructure at the Edge
    Nils Bäckman, R&D, Delta Electronics
    A study of power system requirements and solutions for supporting the electric grid while supplying reliable power to small Edge compute node data centers is presented.
  • Advances in energy efficiency and heat reuse in data centres
    Tor Björn Minde, RISE
    The presentation will cover recent advances in energy efficiency and heat reuse for air and liquid cooled IT equipment in edge data centres.
  • How Lithium Battery Technology is Powering Sustainable Development
    Henrik Lundgren, Polarium
    In addition to the lithium-ion battery technology and its key role for a sustainable development, an outlook is given on future technologies that will drive sustainability, cost efficiency and safety even further.
  • Building a scalable but sustainable ICT Facility
    Jon Abbott, Vertiv
    Changing the perspective of the Technical Facility from an Energy-Hungry Data Fortress, to a Sustainable District Energy Hub. Using both smarter technologies and smarter use of their facilities, technical buildings in Telecom and Datacenter are becoming valuable additions to community based infrastructure, through more collaborative use of their Energy and Thermal Management assets.
  • Energy consumption and carbon footprint of ICT and E&M
    Jens Malmodin, Ericsson
    What are the energy and carbon footprints of ICT and E&M (Entertainment & Media) datacenters, networks, user devices, and its services, e.g. video streaming on your TV? The footprints are not that large some think they are. Quite small actually!

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